Community Outreach


In June 2011 Ms Rachael and Caleb have led teams of six Abraham children out to share in primary (elementary)school assemblies  around Swaziland.  They have been presenting the drama of the prodigal son written by Ms Rachael and Dr Elizabeth, and seeing 1000’s of children born again all over Swaziland. Last Tuesday the teams awoke 5.30am on a cold winter morning and were driving out at around 6am south through the mountains. Soon after 8 they arrived at their first school. At the schools, the whole primary school stands in assembly and Ms Rachael or Caleb(our eldest son home from Canada for the summer holidays) come to the front, greet the school and have fun with Shalom, creating a joyful atmosphere ( after the kids have been threatened with sticks to stand still). Then the characters are introduced and the drama unfolds, including scripture and sharing about who is Jesus, and about the drama, and afterwards the team-teach the children the verse ‘Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no one can come to the father except through him.’ Then Ms Rachael or Caleb with one of the children debriefs the drama, emphasizing the Father’s great love, and how our Father in heaven is like the father in the story. Then we invite the children to ask God to be their heavenly father, and the result is that whole schools of children are raising their hands and praying for God to be their father, for Jesus to forgive them, to live in their heart, and show them the right way. It is so beautiful!! Here are Ms Rachael’s own words, “I feel so blessed and honoured to see thousands of children give their life to Jesus! And the spirit of calm anticipation over the children after praying is awesome!”

“Truly i feel this work is so urgent, as Muslim and Buddhist influences increase in the country. It is urgent that the Word of Life be planted in these kids’ hearts, and that they know that Jesus is the only way to get to God! This truth will change this nation.”
Today the team of kids with Ms Rachael from New Hope Centre ( the Abraham kids) went into the Dwaleni / eMphini mountains and saw a huge harvest in painfully rural areas, over 2000 kids giving their lives to Jesus, kids praying with all of their hearts, children watching and squealing with glee in the drama and as they shared. This morning also another team went out with Caleb and our driver, Mr Mbutfo, and brought in a huge harvest in Matsapha region. Last week, over 2,500 kids were born again near Nhlanganu and Siteki. Truly the time is now, may the power of the truth shake this nation off the axis of oppression, hopelessness and decay into freedom, life and truth! Come Lord Jesus Come, pour out your spirit in Swaziland!!!

This is our prayer, and what we are devoting all we are towards. And truly it is worth it. Please pray powerfully for Hope Camp, in 1 ½ weeks, 17 – 24 July, we are expecting many orphaned children with behavioural problems, emotional problems, learning problems and formidable challenges in life. God’s Word promises that He will provide all we need, agree with this and declare it over Hope Camp. We are still awaiting basic supplies-food, transport money, hygiene supplies, etc. Pray for peace, grace, strength and joy for those at camp, and at New Hope Centre, including Dr Elizabeth. We have family and guests coming from around the world to Hope Camp and Swaziland, please lift them up in prayer and that they are led by the spirit. Please pray for Ms Rachael who is the overall co-ordinator, Suzzanna(aged 12) and Bongani who are the Young Directors of the camp and all the team to be healthy, happy, confident and led by the spirit and filled with joy and peace in His presence, daily, hourly. 

What an honour to share this awesome news with you!! Blessings and love, in Christ Jesus our King!
May He Reign forever more!!
Submitted with love, Ms Rachael